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WiShieldTransceiver Class Reference

Defines a WiSHield RCOIP Transceiver. More...

#include <WiShieldTransceiver.h>

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 WiShieldTransceiver ()
virtual void init ()
virtual void run ()
virtual void sendReply (uint8_t *msg, uint16_t len)
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virtual void setDelegate (RCRx *delegate)
virtual void receivedRequest (uint8_t *msg, uint16_t len, uint16_t rssi=0)

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 Object whose handleRequest() function will be called whenever an RCOIP message is received.

Detailed Description

Defines a WiSHield RCOIP Transceiver.

This is one of several types of Transceiver that RCRx can use to communicate with an RCOIP transmitter. It works with the WiShield library, and with the following hardware:

The default WiFi configuration is:

There is only permitted to be one instance of WiShieldTransceiver. This is because of the low level C code that glues the WiShield code to WiShieldTransceiver, and the fact there can also be only one instance of the WiShield object.

DifferentialRCRx.pde, HBridge2RCRx.pde, HBridgeRCRx.pde, and RCRxWiShield.pde.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WiShieldTransceiver::WiShieldTransceiver ( )

Constructor. Creates a new WiShieldTransceiver object.

Member Function Documentation

void WiShieldTransceiver::init ( )

Initialise the WiShield using the WiFi configuration in WiShieldTransceiver.cpp Call this once before using the Transceiver

Reimplemented from Transceiver.

void WiShieldTransceiver::run ( )

Poll the object for activity. This is expected to be called frequently in the main loop. It processes the WiFi stack, checking for received messages. During processing, and RCOIP message received by the preconfigured port and address will be given to the RCRx object pointed to by _delegate

Reimplemented from Transceiver.

void WiShieldTransceiver::sendReply ( uint8_t *  msg,
uint16_t  len 

Send an RCOIP reply message to the sender of the current received message.

[in]msgPointer to the RCOP message.
[in]lenLength of the RCOIP message in bytes.

Reimplemented from Transceiver.

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