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RCOIPv1CmdSetAnalogChannels Struct Reference

SetAnalogChannels command message structure. More...

#include <RCOIP.h>

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uint8_t version
uint8_t channels [0]

Detailed Description

SetAnalogChannels command message structure.

Defines the structure over-the-wire of a Version 1 SetAnalogChannels command

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t RCOIPv1CmdSetAnalogChannels::channels[0]

0 or more analog channel values, one per octet. Channel values range from 0 (minimum) to 255 (maximum) inclusive. The physical meaning of channel values and how they map to output devices and pins depends on how the channel is interpreted at the Receiver. Channels which represent simple on-off channels are expected to be 0 for 'off' and any other value for 'on'.

Referenced by RCRx::handleRequest().

uint8_t RCOIPv1CmdSetAnalogChannels::version

The RCOIP version number. Must be set to RC_VERSION1

Referenced by RCRx::handleRequest().

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