Dsky Reviews

DSKY Rules by Awsquared – Version 1.0 – Oct 1, 2012
A magnificent piece of computing history brought to life on the iPad. Is the
DSKY the many times removed ancestor of the iPad?

Amazing by roberticog1222 – Version 1.0 – Jun 28, 2012
I used this for programming the one in the new AMSO for orbiter, great app!

Cool by corey022 – Version 1.0 – Jan 19, 2012
Not sure what I’ll ever do with this but I love it!

Really a great app. Must have for space junkies & geeks alike! by Stu2885 – Version 1.0 – Jan 11, 2012
Really well built app with great functionality with running data feeds from the iPad. Would love to see additions of the programs (yes the AGC cannot fly the LEM or CM completely, but you could have a preflight and launch sequence simulation, or perhaps attempt an automated lunar landing and enjoy the multitude of 1201 & 1202 master alarms prior to crash lol.) Hope others give this a shot; easy to work with and fun to learn ! Thank you, Stu