iBal Reviews

The Shiz by Snakefart Version 1.28 – Aug 14, 2012
It works. It’s fast, accurate and convenient. I dare you to fly a bird that is not in it.

Just the best by tcfix Version 1.27 – Jul 4, 2012
I have used a few wt&bal programs including writing my own. I find this to be the best and these the best people to work with.

Excellent Helicopter Pilot’s App! by Chamaco77 Version 1.27 – Jun 28, 2012
A necessity for any helicopter pilot to make quick calculations and load the aircraft properly to maintain it in CG limits.

Excellent App by Wal916 – Version 1.26 – May 11, 2012
A brilliant app that does exactly what it says. Extremely easy to use and straightforward user interface. Really takes the chore out of W&B calcs and makes ‘What If’ load scenarios a breeze. Highly recommended for all helo pilots.

Great!! by Heliflyer1 – Version 1.22 – Nov 1, 2011
Well created app and great support! Keep the updates coming!

IBAL by Simo hp – Version 1.15 – Feb 17, 2011
After using this application many times I believe this is a must have for your flight bag. I am a Commercial helicopter pilot and have found that the app makes it quick and easy to calculate your load as most charter ops turn up and have to go now. I have found the regular updates include all things that have been asked for on previous reviews plus more aircraft. I also like the addition of a passenger manifest that you can send it to your email address very helpful. I have had no problems with the application I am running the iphone 4 and it works perfectly everytime!! Great value for money buy it!

Great work! by Zabar76 – Version 1.13 – Jan 14, 2011
Loving the App and the great regular updates. Would still like to see the ability to add an aircraft pic from Photos not just Camera on iPhone.

Wambeth by Sam&LizzisMum – Version 1.10 – Oct 5, 2010
Great app, would love to see pods added to the weight calculation for Robinson ac.

iBal by Fred / admin helicrew austria – Version 1.5 – Mar 21, 2010
Great App, easy to use

FANTASTIC !!! by Lulapilot – Version 1.25 – May 11, 2012
This is the best W&B software for helicopters ! Easy to use, beautiful interface, great to simulate different loads before a flight ! Congratulations for such a superb software !!!

My personal #1 App by Peterbomann – Version 1.28 – Sep 30, 2012
After having used iBal for over a year, I find it to be my most used and favorite App. The “send” feature is a great feature that allow me to comply with Transport Canada regulations by e-mailing a copy of the W & B for each flight to the Operations Manager. The author is amazing. Responds to all requests and concerns. The number of different helicopters has grown tremendously. iBal should be on the iPhone of every helicopter pilot or anyone one else who’s responsible for helicopter weight & balance duties.

Helicopter pilots: this app is a must! by Helipat – Version 1.28 – Sep 11, 2012
Whether you’re a private pilot flying your own helicopter or manage a fleet of 20, this app is definitely for you. With a bit of easy configuration, you simply punch in the numbers and you get your longitudinal and lateral CG graph and a data board with all the numbers. Fully customizable, fantastic customer support, well worth the price. Que vous soyez un pilote privé avec votre propre hélicoptère ou que vous gériez une flotte de 20, cette application est définitivement pour vous. Avec un peu de configuration facile, entrez simplement les chiffres et le graphique de centrage longitudinal et latéral apparaît avec un tableau des données. Entièrement configurable, service à la clientèle fantastique, cette app en vaut le prix.

Great App by todd janderson – Version 1.26 – May 14, 2012
Worth every penny, I use it every flight

Fast response to requested updates by CDNinKS – Version 1.26 – May 11, 2012
Excellent app, have a C of G and remaining payload available at a glance as you add pax/cargo/fuel. Great support from the dev team. Keep up the good work guys!

This app is why I got an iphone. by Rimit – Version 1.24 – Mar 10, 2012
t’s great app for managing W&B and pax manifests. The developers seem very responsive, adding or updating aircraft every few months. I use it every day, almost every trip.

Best W&B app for Helicopter by – Version 1.23 – Jan 11, 2012
Simple and effective. The programmer team did a really good job and are giving perfect support.

Best w&b app by Heli006 – Version 1.22 – Nov 27, 2011
Exceptional app! The simplest possible weight and balance application. Longitudinal and lateral computations and graphically depicted clearly. Developers were very accommodating and worked hard to create a template for us and all our configurations. Big thumbs up to the good people that made this happen for us and did what no others were able or willing to do.

Helicopter Pilot’s must have APP to be legal by chopperjon – Version 1.20 – Sep 26, 2011
This app is more accurate than my own company’s electronic weight and balance spreadsheet. I am impressed it is excellent and the best and easiest to use w/b ever devised. The choice of helicopter types and configurations is impressive. Well done the writer of this app.

The best by Tundrajet – Version 1.20 – Aug 13, 2011
This is hands down the best app I have ever downloaded. I use it everyday, it allows you to add multiple aircraft of the same type so no matter what machine you are flying the correct W & B is at your finger tips. Before a flight I just fill in the appropriate weights and click send to email a copy to the office, amazing and very handy, thank you!

Very nice by B2driver – Version 1.15 – Feb 17, 2011
I’ve been using ibal for a few weeks now. No problems, simple to use & customize for your own aircraft. Lots of guys at the hangar are using as well. I’ve suggested adding MMS support so that users can share custom configurations with each other. Other than that, I’m satisfied.

Vraiment excellent.. Vivement la même application en hé pour iPad. by 74lucky – Version 1.28 – Aug 13, 2012
Tjs excellent. On espère une version HD pour IPad.

Pratique by Hoppp – Version 1.9 – Aug 11, 2010
Simple et efficace. L’auteur répond aux questions et améliore à la demande!

Superb App by Barnie1 – Version 1.28 – Aug 13, 2012
I use this app since the beginning and it was perfect but its getting better with every update. Thanks!!!

Airworthiness Statement ??? by Kaiman67 – Version 1.20 – Sep 28, 2011
This is a professional assessment. I am the head of the weight and balance department of Eurocopter. Pre-flight weight and balance calculation is a duty of pilots and it is a class 1 procedure because a significant mistake in this calculation can -and did already – lead to fatal accidents. The iBAL-App provides a very good User interface and delivers exactly the data needed by pilots or load masters respectively. The result of max. fuel allowed up to MTOW and the fuel consumption curves are missing. There are several envelopes available depending on the particular configuration (version of landing gear) and type of mission (hoist or open sliding door missions). iBal doesn’t provide the possibility to modify or select the right envelope applicable for the current situation but it should. Pre-Flight W&B calculation proceed from the last A/C physical weighing data. iBal should provide the possibility to enter such values (see flight manuals). This includes the lateral and longitudinal arm of the scales positions and the possibility to switch to lbs and inches. Many of the mistakes observed in W&B calculations are because of mixing the units. Such results sometimes appear consistent but they are not which becomes obvious during flight then…. The list of removable equipments incl. the W&B data related should be integrated for selection. Good point: The possibility to send the report as pdf via email for archiving. Another “nice-to-have” could be the historical traceability of physical weighing and mission calculation results (by date of weighing and flight number). This could include a reminder when next scheduled physical weighing of the A/C becomes due. The calculation mathematics should be disclosed to demonstrate compliance with the procedures in the FLMs. User-defined additional load stations should have extended naming capabilities and appear at the correct position in the top-view scetch. Conclusion: Very nice app, good approach but usable just for a very small range of configurations and missions. (tested with the example of EC135 P2 + 5 seats) Best regards, Kai.

Weight and balance by Helifriend – Version 1.18 – May 6, 2011
Modell-/Typerkennung durch Fotodarstellung einfach, Eingabe selbsterklärend und in verschiedenen Einheiten möglich, Ergebnis sofort mit Datum und Uhrzeit verfügbar. Viele Hubschraubertypen enthalten.

Poly Kalo!! Bravo! by Cpt.SkyWalker – Version 1.26 – May 12, 2012
Ergaleio pou xreiazetai an pragmatika petas!!

Great tool! by D.Ververelis – Version 1.21 – Sep 29, 2011
Very useful with very fast and smart entry interface. Updated often with new helicopter types. I hope for better graphics design in the future but still it is the best helicopter weight and balance calculator I have seen. Keep up!

aspettando by davideperry – Version 1.11 – Nov 22, 2010
aspettando la configurazione per AW139

Line pilot by Simon Savage – Version 1.27 – Jun 29, 2012
Exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly!

Frontier Helicopters by Pete Gibson – Version 1.21 – Oct 7, 2011
Just a fantastic app! Very easy and user friendly. Great for when operating in the bush, or remote area when you need a quick and accurate calculation. And you can email it back to base! To easy! Thanks to Mike McCauley and Team…. Good Job!

Excellent app! by Heli-girl – Version 1.19 – Jun 24, 2011
Fantastic app, worth every cent. It’s quick, easy to use, intuitive in it’s layout, & visually presents the limits in the format we’re used to seeing in the flight manual. Thanks!!

Great by Rekofs – Version 1.25 – Mar 10, 2012
A very good app!!

A good tool by Pila from Norway – Version 1.6 – May 2, 2010
Every helicopter pilot need this tool 🙂

iBalance tego szukalem by olopl – Version 1.22 – Nov 24, 2010
Swietny program , pozdrawiam autora i polecam

Perfect by Blenderpilot – Version 1.28 – Aug 13, 2012
Like we are used to 🙂

5 star rating by Jaco Botha – Version 1.28 – Aug 18, 2012
Fantastic and so easy to use!!

Great by Aerosol300 – Version 1.26 – May 11, 2012
Nice to have

Great by Tito gilito – Version 1.27 – Jul 2, 2012
Very useful

Pilot by ec2bme – Version 1.28 – Aug 13, 2012
Very nice and helpfull app.

Perfect by MikaelZ – Version 1.19 – Jun 26, 2011
Perfect fast help to check

Great app by B212twin – Version 1.17 – Apr 1, 2011
Great app. Good work!!!

Super APP by Pulverdampf – Version 1.28 – Aug 13, 2012
Eine wirklich gute APP, da man auch eigene Hubschrauber eintragen und berechnen kann. Super, Danke.

Best C of G App available by Hawk010 – Version 1.28 – Aug 13, 2012
This is an amazing App. Great support that tailored a mission specific fit as requested with an amazingly short wait! Thanks I’ll definitely be recommending this to all my friends and colleagues. It’s already a must have to C of G planning, I use it every time I fly. Cheers.

Great app. by Flugalrascal – Version 1.27 – Jul 8, 2012
This app does exactly what you would hope. Super quick to add your aircraft’s BEW and CG, up and running in a couple of minutes…. Good user interface, intuitive…. Invaluable, well one!

Very Good App! by Mannertreu – Version 1.25 – May 12, 2012
Well worth using. Works well for me and updates come regularly.

Excellent support by AndrewPIC – Version 1.19 – Jun 24, 2011
I contacted support a while back for after finding a minor bug related to opening emailed data. Reply was quick and an update released within a few days.

A great product with superb backup. by Dean, S – Version 1.17 – Mar 31, 2011
It has been a pleasure to deal with this app and it’s writers. We wanted to add the a109 and with a little discussion the product was updated as promised. We are so impressed we are now trying to incorporate it into our ops manual. Thanks for all the help, highly recommended.

Mr by Jjj jjj – Version 1.15 – Jan 28, 2011
Easy to use. Loaded my EC120 without problems. Data entry simple in any units. Recommended.

Great by Heli CFII – Version 1.27 – Jun 28, 2012
Only app of its kind

iBal by Beechcraft1 – Version 1.26 – May 29, 2012
Great app for weight and balance. We have been using iBal for several months in our helicopter tour business and find it indispensable for proper loading of passengers. The print function is a welcome addition, the only other improvement would be the ability to store W&B data but this is a five star app without it.

Thumbs up! by Clrngs – Version 1.26 – May 15, 2012
I just started using this app. Its ease of use and the ability to do quick passenger changes has become invaluable. The developers are also very responsive to adding aircraft and tweaking the ones they do have. Thumbs up by me.

Great App! by Housewife Fan – Version 1.26 – May 12, 2012
Makes it very easy to keep an eye on last minute W & B changes.

IBal Rocks!! Yacht based helicopter by RotorYacht – Version 1.26 – May 11, 2012
I love this app and it gets better every time! Professional pilot flying off a yacht it’s a quick way to run a W&B scenario. I can easily email my configured aircraft to the captain for the record. Will continue using this app as it has proved to be very useful for our operations! Good Work Guys

Great app by Brentd2183 – Version 1.25 – Mar 11, 2012
Program works very well. Love the constant updates and I use it all the time.

Updated for multitasking, this program is awesome by Mrsdilley2 – Version 1.24 – Jan 25, 2012
Great program, they have fixed the multitasking problem that made it not save new aircraft profiles. The program is now exactly what it should be, easy to set up new aircraft and super fast. Thank you for taking care of that so fast. I feel this is well worth the money. (using 4S iOS 5.0.1)

Well Worth It by AutoRotating – Version 1.23 – Jan 14, 2012
Easy to use, constant updates, great for on the fly reference.

Wow! by Heliguy1799 – Version 1.22 – Dec 30, 2011
Works much better than I would have thought! Awesome!

Fast and easy to use by willwesssc – Version 1.21 – Oct 29, 2011
I am in the process of running a 135 charter service in my Bell Jet Ranger and have been looking for the fastest, most convenient way to calculate my W/B. This app does that. It has a graphical representation of your helicopter, which reduces station position/arm mistakes verses doing it the written way. You can see your helicopter at a glance and quickly put the weights in. If your helicopter can be flown with the doors off, simply “Flick” the doors off the graphical model and your weight and balance are automatically calculated. The app has many helicopters already preloaded, all you have to do is create your helicopter using one of the existing templates, which only takes 2-3 mins. I found a small issue with the baggage station on my Bell 206, sent an email to the developer and got a response within a day stating that it would be fixed in the next update, that’s about as good as it gets!

Great tool by Stuckpedal – Version 1.20 – Oct 4, 2011
Hope they keep adding aircraft, the upgrades have made this a must have app

Really handy app! by Moondog772 – Version 1.20 – Jul 28, 2011
At my request iBal added one of our AStar models to their list of supported aircraft. Makes it easy to do performance planning from anywhere. Highly recommanded.

Great app for W&B on Helicopters by Laser Sharp – Version 1.20 – Jul 20, 2011
There is a wide variety of Helicopters listed and supported. The developer is quick to respond to improvements and program modifications have been fantastic.

Amazing!! by Helicopter pilot – Version 1.18 – May 29, 2011
Love the app and support. Got checked out in a new a/c that isn’t on here? Just email them the flight manual an they add it. Has got to be some of the best customer support I’ve ever seen.

Mashonisa by Mashonisa – Version 1.17 – Apr 9, 2011
Great app! No excuses now for not doing a w+b before each flight. Looking forward to the 205 / UH1-H in the next version

Skids don’t leave the ground without it! by 5matt5 – Version 1.17 – Mar 31, 2011
Awesome app! Too many pilots don’t do a weight and balance before every flight, with iBal you have no excuse to ever skip. I also love the email function. The creator keeps updating to make better. Keep up the good work!

Great app by Bogsat – Version 1.16 – Mar 29, 2011
This is a sweet app. Must have for pilots. Support from designer is quick and open for improvements. READ THE FAQ to learn how to adjust W & B.

Outstanding by Learstroker – Version 1.10 – Sep 30, 2010
Excellent tool for airmen. Pull pitch fast with this stable, easy to use app. Well thought out intuitive design. Great support as well.

Simple, Accurate, Effective by iCe^BoX – Version 1.9 – Sep 7, 2010
Couldn’t ask for more! Well, maybe get the Long/Lat charts to show up under the reports (in the PDF) as well? Thanks guys! Edit: You can add your own helicopter for almost infinite versatility!

iBal Helicopter Weight & Balance by B407 – Version 1.6 – Apr 21, 2010
This is a “professional grade” application. Very useful and highly recommended. When I discovered the application, it did not support the Bell 407. I emailed the developers and they responded immediately with a request for certain technical info. Bell 407 support was available within 10 days after I supplied this information. I introduced this app to another helicopter pilot and he said “simple & sweet!”

Awesome!! by Heliski4 – Version 1.6 – Apr 10, 2010
Awesome……………… every helicopter pilot needs this app! No more excuses for lazy pilots not to do w/b!

Promotes Safety! by Jim Hickman – Version 1.5 – Mar 29, 2010
This is a tool that even the lazy pilots will use, because it is so easy! Whip out your iPhone or iPod and do it while sitting in the Helicopter. Very easy to navigate through and use. Has things like seat weight limitations and fuel capacities already programed. I love it!! Some day hope to be able to print the paper document from the iPhone.

Good product by heliguy2005 – Version 1.0 – Feb 25, 2010
I loaded this app while waiting for a few passengers at a local airport. Not knowing in advance what each person was going to weigh I was quickly able to load in my data into the app. I had a few minutes to cross check the iBal with actual “hand crunched” data and this app was spot on. Since I also teach it would be nice to see other trainer helicopters such as the 300c or perhaps some products from MD and or Eurocopter. Great start.

Very Nice! by R-Thunder – Version 1.0 – Feb 19, 2010
This app is quick & easy to use. There’s no excuse to be over gross or out of CG. Plug in your numbers and read the chart. I highly recommend this app for anyone that doesn’t carry an E6B.

A must have for pilots! by Muscledennis – Version 1.0 – Feb 13, 2010
This is a must have app for all helicopter pilots flying these aircrafts. I am a CFI and I’m going to recommend this to my students. If you study the app, you can figure out how to change the empty weight for your specific a/c and even add your own picture. Saves so much time, just input your weight, your passengers and you are on your way. Now there is no reason for any pilot not knowing if they are flying over gross weight or close to it. Great investment!!