iWizWheel FAQ

  1. What should I do if I have a problem with one of your products?
    – See if the solution is described below.
    – If not, please don’t post a negative review. It’s probably just a misunderstanding, which we are happy to help clear up. If there really is a bug in a product we will fix it as soon as we possibly can. So please: let us know, using the following email addresses iwizwheel@AirSpayce.com We really do respond to email. Really!
  2. In iWizWheel, how do I choose the aviation units for my region?
    Go to iPhone Settings. Scroll down to iWizWheel. Choose your preferred units for:
    – Distances and Speeds (NM&kts, km&kph or SM&mph)
    – Altitudes (feet or meters
    – Latitude and Longitude (dd°mm’ss” or dd°mm.m)
    – Temperatures (C or F)
    – Volumes (litres or US Gals)
    – Weights (kg or lbs)
    – Timezone (UTC or iPhone Local)
  3. If I update iWizWheel, will I lose my User-Defined locations?
  4. I bought this app before Oct 3 2012 and now want to update it. Why do I have to buy a new copy?
    Please see this important notice about the transfer of this App to AirSpayce Pty Ltd.

If you want to have iWizWheel customised to suit your fleet, please contact us at iWizWheel@AirSpayce.com