GeeMeter Reviews

Cute by FlyBoy2000 – Version 1.1 – Mar 1, 2009
Looks good, just like the real thing. Works fine.

Cool by Mick302 – Version 1.1 – Feb 22, 2009
That cool

Works really well! by Johnnystorm1976 – Version 1.1 – Apr 11, 2009
Best GMeter I’ve downloaded so far. Can’t believe the reviewer below who couldn’t understand how it worked. It’s based on a dial that has to be easy to read in the stress of a dogfight, it’s clear as day! Read the description for all you need to know!

Chalange by CalOneSix – Version 1.1 – Jul 21, 2009
So it tops out at a little over 2 Gs. Fact is the device may not be able to detect more than that and it most likely has nothing to do with the app. Anyone who thinks they can handle more than 2 Gs without getting sick should let me take them flying!

Great app. by A Prarie Home Companion – Version 1.1 – May 8, 2009
This is a really fun app. I have been asked before why I’m shaking my ipod up and down. One girl asked me if I was into airplanes after seeing me playing with it. I promptly replied-yes, very heavily. Anyhow its a fun app to play with, my only problem is that it’s limit seems to be about 2g. Which is sort of annoying. God bless.

Weee by JackDaniels_CHS08 – Version 1.1 – Apr 10, 2009
Interesting app . I now can throw my touch at my homies 😀

Im satisfied! by DeFalco210 – Version 1.1 – Mar 7, 2009
YEA! Now I know how hard my phone hits the wall when I throw it!

Glitch by Danhave – Version 1.1 – Feb 12, 2009
I’m having that 2.3 g barrier as well. What’s wrong?

GeeMeter by Chocolame – Version 1.1 – Jan 15, 2009
Good stuff. Lots of fun

Awsome by NRArocks – Version 1.1 – Jan 10, 2009
This is so awsome. Really works