iWizWheel Reviews

Handy for all Aircraft by Sandpit 777 Version 1.16 – Mar 6, 2009
Great little App to have for all pilots. The creators are very responsive as far as end user feedback goes. Easy to use, easy to read in the cockpit! Even as a long haul driver I find that the more I use it the more useful it seems, so it covers all levels of aviation. I am recommending it to everyone I fly with. Keep up the good work guys!

Figures look right to me by FlyBoy2000 – Version 1.16 – Mar 1, 2009
The PA and DA results are right on the money. I still think its the best aviation app around. Support is fantastic. Easy to use with lots of features for pilots of large and small aircraft.

iWizWheel – awesome!! by 737man – Version 1.11 – Jan 11, 2009
This is a really handy bit of software. I have had all kinds of flight planning software for palm pilots and dedicated aviation type calculators, but this one is the best by far. Easy to use, simple interface, doesn’t try to do everything, it just works great. Great for using in the aircraft, but most useful for quick and easy planning calculations on the ground. Especially for “what if” type calculations. Can thoroughly recommend!!

iWizWheel by Blenderpilot – Version 1.15 – Mar 3, 2009
I use iWizWheel in helicopter operations. I was choosing between a couple more
airmen applications and the iWizWheel is by far the most resourceful
application a pilot can get on his iPhone. Further more, because I fly NVG and
the moon is a important source of light, I contacted the developer team with a
wish on moon rise/set times. My wish is coming true in their next
release. Great app from a great team

Very good app by TexMarine13 – Version 1.15 – Feb 28, 2009
Very good app for any flight planning. Extremely useful and i cant recommend it enough for aviators.