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RCTx™ is Remote Control Transmitter for RCOIP (Remote Control Over IP) protocol.

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This transmitter works with the Arduino RCKit, a kit of software objects for creating Remote-Control vehicles with motors, steppers, servos, analog and digital inputs and outputs.

Includes telemetry backchannel data to display signal strength and battery voltage at the remote vehicle.

Uses a Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc network and the RCOIP protocol to communicate with an Arduino equipped with a WiShield and your custom vehicle software written using the RCKit.

RCKit and the RCOIP protocol is available under GPL or Commercial licenses. See http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/RCKit for more details

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Forthcoming releases of RCTx will include configurable transmitter interface, backchannels for GPS positions, remote vehicle position mapping, remote vehicle webcams, macro recording and more.

Note: this transmitter cannot be used to control conventional radio control vehicles. The vehicle must be equipped with Arduino, Wi-Fi and the RCKit software.

RCTx Frequently Asked Questions

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