Important Notice

Transfer of iPhone Apps

On September 25 2012, Open System Consultants Pty Ltd sold its iPhone Apps to AirSpayce Pty Ltd. The Apps concerned are:

Although both Open System Consultants and AirSpayce tried very hard to convince Apple to transfer those apps seamlessly to AirSpayce, Apple declined to do that. The only option that Apple allowed was for OSC to remove the Apps from sale in the App Store and for AirSpayce to re-add them to the App Store as if they were brand new Apps.

This is extremely unfortunate for previous purchasers of these Apps, since it means the free upgrade path to later versions of the Apps was lost.

This means that people who previously bought these Apps from OSC are not able to get free updates to more recent versions sold by AirSpayce. The only option to get a more recent version is to purchase the App again. We, like our customers, find this outcome extremely disappointing. We wish it did not have to be so, and we tried hard to convince Apple otherwise. Unfortunately there is nothing AirSpayce can do to make this situation better for prior customers. We are very sorry about this, and wish it did not have to be that way.

If you purchased one of these Apps from Open System Consultants and do not wish to upgrade to a more recent version, then you do not have to purchase the App again. If you wish to upgrade your iOS device and keep using your current version of the App, use the procedure described here.

If you would like to provide feedback to Apple about the situation that has
resulted from Apple’s policies, see